Code of Ethics.

WFSA is dedicated to the promotion, support and protection of the common interests of Clients, Specifying Authorities, Contractors and Manufacturers to ensure professionalism and integrity within the Waterproofing Industry.

1. The Waterproofing Federation of Southern Africa (WFSA)

The industry sectors comprising the membership of WFSA are:

2. Basic customer requirements when selecting waterproofing products and systems

The concerns of customers generally lie in three basic areas, namely:

By dealing with any one of our WFSA members countrywide, the customer can be assured of obtaining the best possible advice and service in terms of the above.

3. Customer installation complaints

Whilst the vast majority of installation work carried out by WFSA contracting members is successful and trouble free, the Federation acknowledges that there may be occasions when the standard of work is considered by the customer to be less than desirable relative to the perceived industry standards. It is in this area particularly that WFSA can assist.

When a customer has cause for a legitimate complaint against a contractor member, it is important to know that WFSA can be readily contacted to offer impartial advice and/or assistance, as the occasion demands.

4. What to do in the event of an installation complaint

Firstly, it essential that the WFSA member be afforded every reasonable opportunity to rectify any defect, as most complaints can usually be settled in this manner.

5. What to do if the complaint cannot promptly and satisfactorily be settled

If for whatsoever reason, the complaint against a member cannot be settled, the customer is requested to contact WFSA who will be willing to “conciliate” in the matter.

Upon obtaining details of the complaint, conciliation will usually involve making contact with the member, and then, if deemed necessary, arranging for a site inspection to establish the facts and evaluate the circumstances. Normally this conciliatory action will lead to the matter being resolved.

6. Disciplinary action

In the unlikely event of conciliation by WFSA not resolving the matter to both parties’ satisfaction, and if the member is deemed to be at fault, then disciplinary action can be taken by the Federation against its member whereby his/her membership could be terminated.

7. Guarantee schemes

WFSA’s contractor and manufacturer members do offer types of warranty or guarantee protection in accordance with systems and materials involved.

The Federation encourages customers to carefully familiarize themselves with exactly what is offered in such instances. In general the life expectancy of the better known products and systems is well documented.




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